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The Future of… Webinar | Social media & online platforms for your pakihi

Date & Time

Te Ahikōmako presents ‘The Future of’ webinar mini-series. The first three virtual events will bring together business owners and whānau to consider the businesses digital and online future.

Session hosts and panel members will focus on:

  • Busting myths about social media and digital advertising
  • Demystify taking your business online
  • Top things to know to take your business online now
  • Practical experiences and advice from fellow Māori entrepreneurs and experts

The webinar mini-series is supported by Te Ahikōmako foundational partners - Te Waka and Waikato-Tainui

Webinar, 7pm Thursday 21 May - Register here.


The Specialists:

Hone Paul – Executive Director Marketing, Communications, and Tauira Experience at TWoA
Michelle Paki – Founder of GoMāori
Lee Timutimu – Co-Founder and CEO of Arataki Systems