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Te Waka - Waikato Hospitality Webinar - 'Back in the Habit'

Date & Time

It’s been a long time since the start of the lockdown, people are ‘out of the habit’ of coming and seeing you and purchasing your products. What is the most effective methods of getting your customers ‘back in the habit’? This webinar will discuss the most effective strategies being used right now. This webinar will answer the questions:

  • What does my online strategy need to include?
  • How will the customer experience (CX) alter for my business?
  • How do customers form habits and how can I utilise this in my business?
  • What do the three ‘S’s mean to me and my business?


Watch the Webinar here


About our Specialist:

Matt Fitzsimmons is a Waikato based Business Coach, Author, and Strategist. Matt is an expert in growing people and businesses. With an impressive track record and more than 8000 hours working directly with business owners and senior management teams, Matt has a proven methodology that delivers results. His talks and seminars are informative, fun, and highly engaging.

Matt has written books on Strategic Planning & Psychometric Profiling and designed a recruitment programme for business owners that is sold throughout the world