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Te Waka Economic Radar Webinar

Date & Time

Hosted by Te Waka CEO, Michael Bassett-Foss. Panelists are Blair Keenan, Principal Economist, Waikato Regional Council and Sarah MacKay, Economist, Waikato Regional Council.

Join our panelists as they unpack and explain the implications of the data presented in Te Waka’s weekly Economic Radar.

View webinar video here.

View the PowerPoint presentation here


About our Panelists:

Blair Keenan, Principal Economist, Waikato Regional Council 

Blair Keenan has an undergraduate degree from the University of Otago. Keenan worked at ANZ as a macro-economist and industry analyst for five years before heading overseas as a researcher for Japan’s External Trade Organisation in the UK. While in the UK, he also received his Master’s degree in applied environmental economics from the University of London and was an economist at the National Farmers Union of England and Wales.

Back in New Zealand, he held several policy roles at Landcare Research, Department of Internal Affairs and Housing New Zealand before his current role as principal economist at Waikato Regional Council. He also continues to collaborate on projects with the University of Waikato, CRIs, central and local government, and a variety of industry groups.

Sarah MacKay, Economist, Waikato Regional Council

Sarah is an economist at Waikato Regional Council. She has a Master of Management Studies from the University of Waikato. Her work with the Council for most of the last two decades has been in economic advice and analysis for a variety of environmental policy projects.

Host: Michael Bassett-Foss, Chief Executive, Te Waka

Michael grew up in Hamilton and went on to spend many years in senior executive roles in New Zealand and abroad.

Prior to joining Te Waka Michael was the project director of the multimillion dollar Water Wairarapa project, and is the former chair of Economic Development Associations of New Zealand (EDANZ) and was manager of economic development at Hawke’s Bay Regional Council where he led the development of Hawke’s Bay’s Regional Economic Development Strategy.