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Te Waka and Infometrics COVID-19 Webinar

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In this Webinar, Infometrics Senior Economist will detail the anticipated economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and response on the Waikato region, including an update of current data insights and an evaluation of the opportunities and challenges that the Waikato faces. Brad will also offer some suggestions for areas of future focus and the need for skills development. A healthy dose of Q&A is also included.

Watch the Webinar here

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About our Specialist:

Brad Olsen

Brad is a senior economist at Infometrics, a leading New Zealand economic consultancy. He is one of New Zealand’s most prominent economic commentator on the COVID-19 pandemic and response, regularly speaking to media and business leaders about how the economy is likely to transform and adapt in the face of the largest economic upheaval since the Great Depression. Brad is focused on region specific trends, and the key drivers of local activity to best assess how the economy will respond and recover.

Brad is also a community leader in New Zealand, being one of the youngest JPs in the country, and serves on the Wellington Citizens Health Council, the Wellington City Youth Council, and the Wellington District Licensing Committee. In 2016, he was named as New Zealand’s Queen’s Young Leader for his youth leadership, receiving a medal from Her Majesty the Queen