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Social Distancing and how it looks like in a work environment

Date & Time

While it’s great that we are in the transition of going back to the workplace, what is Social distancing in the workplace?  We must be strategic about the requirements and have plans in place for a safe work environment for staff and customers alike.

It’s information overload out there, and we know your time is precious, so with German Efficiency, we have brought all the info into a short & sweet webinar for you so that you can work through the processes and evaluate risks moving from  restarting your business from shut down.

Webinar, 3pm Tuesday 19 May - Register here.


About the Specialists:

Brent Sutton is our guest Industry Speaker. Brent is from Safety Associates, and works for MBIE, including developing the COVID-19 information website. Brent will guide you through with a super easy 7 step return to work plan after Covid-19.

Greg Thompson, National Director, Business Advisory Services and Tax from Grant Thornton who will underline the theory with some practical information and showcase what they have done within their business.

Barry White, one of Softsource’s on-demand CIO’s, will provide a quick overview of a highly functional CV19 Contact Tracing Application that will allow your organisations to be compliant with contact tracing of your internal staff movements within your office(s). The smartphone app also provides external guest contactless check in, plus you and can track off-site meetings along with the ability for staff to report on their wellbeing very easily every day. This flexible and customisable solution is built using Microsoft PowerApps and addresses security concerns and stores the collected data in your own O365 tenancy.