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Maximise LinkedIn For Better Leads

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How to maximise Linkedin for better leads.

  • Why LinkedIn? We'll talk about what sort of businesses need to be on LinkedIn and what you can expect
  • Personal or Company Profile Which one should you use and why?
  • Pimp Your Profile What you need to have on your profile and why
  • Getting Connected How to grow your audience both organically and with a little effort in the right direction (And best practices)
  • The Power of Activity How you can grow your audience without posting on your profile at all
  • What to Post and How to Get Engagement Tips on how to get started with posts, what to do and what really matters.

Webinar, 11am Thursday 11 June 2020 - Register here.


About our Specialist:

Rachel Klaver

Rachel Klaver is the co-owner of Identify, a marketing consultancy that helps small business owners find the simplest strategy and action plan possible, to help them find more of the right kind of customers. She has a strong aversion to jargon, loves helping people feel confident in marketing, and get that joy back in their business.