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EMA COVID-19 Series "Rebuilding Customer Base - Rethinking channels, storyline & pipeline"

Date & Time

The EMA in partnership with ATEED and the Regional Business Partner Network present "Rebuilding Customer Bases - Rethinking channels, storyline & pipeline".

Join us and hear from Dan Maas, Digital Director for MBM and Ex-Global Head of Digital Content for Icebreaker, as he guides you on how to win back customers through capture, convince and convert using engaging storytelling, and rethinking how you utilise channels. We will also be joined by Andy Mitchell, Principal Commercial Strategist from 3Green to discuss tactics for leveraging local brand in the post COVID-19 market. Andy will join a QnA and we will discuss how to effectively collaborate with stakeholders to drive sales and business development.

There are two ways to ask questions. Either through this platform for tech questions or via www.slido.com for speaker questions. Head to slido and enter the event code #market2020. We will first use slido for questions which can easily be used on your mobile while watching the webinar live. Vote up questions to make sure your biggest questions are answered.

Once you register, your access instructions will be sent through to you. For any technical queries, please contact 09 367 0946. Access to this webinar will be given on a priority basis to the first 1000 registrants.

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