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Creating Business Continuity Online Panel Presentation - Part 1/2

Date & Time

Te Waka and Business Success Partners would like to invite you to view our two part Panel discussion focusing on Business Continuity.

Part 1 will have an overview of an action plan that can be followed to ensure your business handles this period as well as possible. Then individuals on the panel will provide a more lasered focus on keys aspects such as financial management, improving efficiencies, staff and marketing. All things that can have an immediate and positive impact.

After Webinar support

Business Success Partners will offer viewers multiple avenues of support after each discussion.

  • Viewers will be able to send in questions after each webinar and these will be answered individually and in-person to protect your privacy.
  • The business will be able to access advisors for a free one-hour one on one discussion on their business and issues
  • Resources, slides, and notes from each session will be made available on the Business Success Partners website

Watch the Webinar here


Our Business Success Partners specialists are:

Philip Wicks - Director

Phil has spent a good deal of his career, developing new brands, starting up subsidiaries and developing new joint ventures with other corporations. Over many years, Phil has also provided advice and undertaken strategic and operational planning for business both small and large in both in New Zealand and offshore.

Becoming a business advisor was a natural progression for Phil. His integrity and commitment to finding solutions has been a key factor in developing his advisory business and building the Business Success Partners Firm. His understanding of the value of communication has also been essential to his success and more importantly - that of his clients.

Being a sounding board to help create a vision, identify issues and finding solutions is nothing new to Phil. Engaging in face to face communication and having empathy towards the situations he has been engaged to consider, have also been key factors in developing successful business partnerships and relationships. These traits combined with Phil's general business experience can be a real game changer in regard to a business achieving its potential.

In 2017 Phil partnered with fellow directors Rob Dorey and John Pittar and formed Business Success Partners. Their mission is to provide business owners the highest quality advice, support, training and also access to resources and diagnostic tools. By doing so they create the opportunity to make a real difference to the prosperity and lifestyle of those business owners.

Phil is a certified advisor with the Global Institute of advisors.

Helen Laidlaw - Senior Advisor

Helen is a Business Consultant who likes to keep things simple. In her own words “I say what I mean and do what I say. After all, business is about people and earning your trust is very important to me”

Helen loves working with businesses that have not yet reached their full potential. Businesses that are more reactive than proactive; businesses that hate disappointing their family, staff and suppliers, but find it is a regular occurrence; businesses that are not generating enough profit to give their owners the financial freedom that they deserve.

Helen studied accounting and business at The University of Waikato, and for the past 20 years has worked within SME’s and public sector environments in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Finding her way around a business and their finances comes naturally to Helen. Numbers don’t lie; they tell a story about your business and she can use them to highlight areas that require improvement.

In the last few years Helen has established herself as one of Business Success Partners top consultants, she loves her work and her clients love her

Steve Parker - Senior Advisor

With over 15 years’ experience leading groups in the great outdoors Steve has learned leadership, organisation and people management skills in a real risk environment. He has crafted an ability to keep people on side and focussed forward whether they be Troubled Youth in a wilderness programme or Corporate’s on a team building exercise – and everything in between.

Steve has always gravitated to the people component of a workplace, seeking to understand how to draw out each person’s best and knit individuals together to build a strong team. People form the heart and soul of an organisation and will either represent your greatest asset or greatest liability. Building on a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Political Science, Steve became an accredited Clifton StrengthsFinder coach and has brought his attention to people and workplace culture to SME’s across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty area.

Partnering with Business Success Partners was an obvious move for Steve as it brought together a proven formula for helping businesses succeed with the specialty piece of bringing out a team’s best.

Graham Howard - Senior Advisor

Graham has worked in the Hospitality Industry and the Not for Profit area for the majority of his career. Through his experiences over the past 45 years, Graham has gathered an in depth knowledge of both the roles of Governance and Management, knowledge that his clients now find very valuable.

From his early days in the services to his managerial roles, Graham has always enjoyed working with people. He is committed to exceptional service through straight forward and honest communication and is always striving to build trust and rapport with people. Through Grahams own personal and professional dedication, his priority is to provide with excellent results and unparalleled levels of service. Graham is passionate about seeing businesses come up to, and beyond their potential.

Craig Connelly - Panel Host

Craig built his first website in 1998 and since that time has owned a variety of web based businesses including a digital marketing agency and a range of e-commerce businesses.

Craigs speciality and passion lies within digital conversion optimisation using science, psychology and data to provide better ROI through customer connections. He is a lead generation enthusiast and loves hearing about his customers succeeding from the leads he has generated. Craig provides consultative services for our valued clients through New Zealand and is a valued member of our team.