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Convert More Sales From Leads

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Here is What You'll Learn

  • Creating a Process - Why documenting your process helps you succeed
  • Building trust and rapport - How trust marketing helps you reduce the sales process time
  • How to keep them moving forward - What you need to do to reduce ghosting, time wasting, and lack of closing.
  • Hear what they want, give them what they need - How to give them what they need, and what not to do at this stage.
  • YES is the word - Simple methods to get more YES repsonses during your sales process.
  • Using a CRM - What you need to consider, how it works and why it helps with selling

Webinar, 2pm Thursday 14 May - Register here


About our Specialist:

Rachel Klaver

Rachel Klaver is the co-owner of Identify, a marketing consultancy that helps small business owners find the simplest strategy and action plan possible, to help them find more of the right kind of customers. She has a strong aversion to jargon, loves helping people feel confident in marketing, and get that joy back in their business.